How it works...

AHML Certification can provide healthcare organisations with assurance that messaging software and applications have been tested to rigorous standards and that messages produced by the sotware have been analysed, tested and verified as complying with the Standards and specifications claimed by the vendor or developer. For software vendors and developers, AHML Certification can provide an organisation with a competitive advantage and an ability to market an AHML certified product.

The AHML Certification process involves a unique combination of AHML Compliance testing and fulfilment of specific requirements to meet AHML Certification status.

Each AHML Certification is managed by an AHML Certification Officer, who is responsible for the entire certification process. AHML Certification is recognition of a quality messaging system that conforms to accepted messaging standards and specifications claimed for it by the developer or vendor, and provides healthcare organisations and other stakeholders with the assurance that the software or application messaging can be trusted.

A graphical description of the Compliance and Certification process is available in both animated (Powerpoint) and static (GIF image) formats.

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