Client Specification Implementations

AHML are able to implement client specifications into their testing engine to enable message testing and certification against the specification.

Clients wishing to make their specifications available for testing should contact us to discuss, once we have reviewed your specification we can provide a quote.

Current client specifications available for testing in AHML are:

  • HL7 v2.3.1 - [CCeH] ADRAC Phase II - Profile v2.4.3 (Revised on 2006-08-08)
  • HL7 v2.4 - [DHS] Notifiable Infectious Disease Surveillance (NIDS) - Prof v2.1 (Revised on 2006-08-08)
  • * HL7 v2.4 - [NSWH] Health e-link - Profile v1.3 (Revised on 2006-08-08)
  • * HL7 v2.4 - [DHS] SCTT - Profile v1.0 (Revised on 2007-06-21)
(* denotes profile in testing phase)